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Safety and Security At Home

Family entering their code into a security panel to get into homeYou know your home and your concerns best.  Our Hawk Alarm expert will talk with you about your security concerns and how a security system can benefit you. From that detailed interview, we will provide you with recommendations for a system that fits your needs and budget.

 Hawk systems come with a complete range of options, including:

Installation is done by our trained professionals in a timely and careful manner.  When the equipment is in place and tested, we will provide you with instruction on how to use all of the tools and settings. We are available for questions and support 24/7.

Alarms, when triggered, notify you by a trained operator located at one of our UL listed central stations. 

Our two-way communication panels can put you in touch with a monitoring professional even if your phone is not available.  

Receive notifications on your smartphone, tablet or laptop computer wherever you are.

Hawk alarm systems are easy to use.  We will teach you how to operate your system.  

We are always available when you need help and helpful videos are available online


Sensors monitor for extreme heat, cold or humidity.  Protect family members and pets and reduce the risk of frozen pipes or damage to your home.

Fire and SmokeFire and Smoke Detector in the ceiling of a home

Fire and smoke alarms will warn those in the home and alert a trained operator at our central station to immediately contact the local fire department.

An alarm can be triggered by fire and smoke detectors or by you pushing a simple help button on a waterproof wristband, pendant or keychain to talk to our monitoring operators.

Motion and Door/Window Sensors

Sensors placed on doors, windows and in outdoor areas like patios and driveways  monitor for motion or if a garage or other door or window is opened or broken.

Sensors placed on safes, liquor or gun cabinets can notify you if off-limits areas have been accessed.

Phone interface to control home's temperature, lighting and locks

Energy & Home Controls

With panels in your home and via smartphone and iPad apps, you will be able to control your home’s temperature, lighting and locks.

You can set up “scenes” with our popular Honeywell system to save energy.  Scenes are a set of settings for particular times of the day or days of the week. For example, a weeknight “goodnight” scene might lock the doors, turn the temperature down and shut the lights off indoors and on outdoors at a particular time every night.

CCTV / Video

Closed caption television video monitoring can provide you with a means to see areas inside and outside your home.  Monitor the cameras from within the home or while you are away. Cameras can also record activity in and around your home for you to review later.  


Protect your property from water damage.  Flood sensors in your basement, laundry room and other areas near plumbing will detect water from seepage, backed-up drains or broken pipes. The system will alert you and our trained central station operators to take action quickly and minimize damage.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide is odorless and dangerous.  Hawk Alarm systems will monitor your home for carbon monoxide 24/7 and will notify you and our trained central station operators if it is detected.


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