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A Security Guard that never sleeps

With over 30 years of combined experience, we will work with you to design a system that will watch over your property to protect your people and inventory.  Some insurance underwriters offer a discount to businesses with a professionally-installed alarm system with central station monitoring. 

There is a Hawk system for every type of commercial situation:

  • Retail – store security, refrigeration unit and commercial kitchen monitoring
  • Service – access controls, server room environmental monitoring
  • Office – access controls, server room environmental monitoring
  • Manufacturing – building security, access controls, power surges

Hawk systems offer you a full range of options and features for Security, Automation and Access Control.

Surveillance Camera on the top of a building

Our monitoring systems watch for signs of:

  • Break-ins
  • Water, Temperature and Humidity Changes
  • Power outage surges
  • Fire and Smoke

Hawk systems can help you save energy, money and time by automating controls for temperature and equipment, turning them off and on according to a set schedule.

And our CCTV solutions can provide you with the means to monitor your business remotely to provide theft protection and additional security for your staff.

Control access to your business, with Hawk systems tools that can identify your employees as they enter and exit.  Intercom and video entry systems protect the entrances to your facilities.

Our commercial systems are:

  • User-friendly
  • Have Low Monitoring Fees
  • Available Weekly or Monthly Activity Report
  • Provide a Daily Auto Test Report
  • Auto Arming
  • Available Fail to Arm Reports
  • Expandable to over 200 Points

Training on your new system will be done on-site and written documentation will be provided.

Our expert staff will be there for you after the installation, to do maintenance and answer questions about your system. 


Contact Hawk for a free initial interview with one of our expert system designers.