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Protection for your Property, Livestock and Inventory

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Hawk Alarm has been installing and maintaining reliable, sophisticated and easy-to-manage agricultural monitoring systems for over 30 years. Our systems protect your livestock, property and equipment.

At the first sign of trouble, the Hawk Alarm System notifies our central station where our trained operators will immediately contact a list of phone numbers you provide.

Hawk’s central station monitoring reduces liability and vulnerability. In order to provide suffocation insurance, many companies require 24 hour central station monitoring services, rather than voice dialer systems. 


With the Hawk Smart Screen system and a web-enabled laptop, tablet or smartphone, you can monitor all of your sensors in real-time, wherever you are!


Custom Designed

Hawk evaluates your needs and designs an alarm and monitoring system that’s right for your operation. Once the design is complete, Hawk’s expert staff installs and connects sensors, monitors and detectors in the most effective locations to ensure maximum protection and optimum response time.

Hawk Alarm Agricultural Systems typically include:

  • Power Sensors
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Water Pressure Sensors
  • Monitoring of Ventilation Control Alarm Contacts
  • Fire Detection devices
  • Unauthorized Entry Sensors
  • Cellular / Ethernet Communications 


Sensors, monitors, detectors and the Hawk Control Panel are all selected to operate in the harsh conditions of the agricultural environment.  Hawk controllers are highly durable and can include an ABS NEMA4 enclosure that is moisture and dust resistant, ideal for barn installations.   


Installation and ongoing maintenance are performed by trained Hawk Alarm Systems staff following strict Bio-Security protocols.  Technicians can be scheduled to comply with 48 to 72 hour or more downtime requirements before arriving at your production facility.  In addition, the Hawk system can be serviced and repaired through off-site access and diagnostics, reducing or eliminating the need for on-site service calls.


Daily auto test reports ensure proper communication with the Hawk central station. An account activity report, with detailed alarm activity and responsiveness, is available to help you better manage your facilities.


Contact Hawk for a free initial interview with one of our expert system designers.